Cheese Making on a Sunny Day

Yes, it’s only cheese,

but it’s oh so holy to a mouse.

It began as simple grass

behind a quiet house.

On a salad plate to pass,

it no longer makes one sneeze.


What begins as chlorophyll

becomes a gourmet’s emphasis

from golden shafts of light

transformed by photosynthesis.

Each cow grazes with delight,

then gives a vegetation spill,


makes abundant her pure milk

that pours from wine to pails

beneath a farmer’s hand

into clothlike gauzy sails.

Curdled things do stand

manufactured into silk,


as fromageries display

countless shapes and textures.

From microbial miracles,

buyers make conjectures,

discussing rods and sphericals

that started out as hay.

~ by dianeklammer on March 9, 2013.

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