I read the newspapers

while the grackles swarm

by my doorstep with the snow

still on the ground.


What a dismal photograph

they make

on a steely day

while I read dark tales

in black and white

on this winter morning.


The daily news offers few solutions

for pandemics, suicides, murders,

mass slaughters in the schools.

Knowing I can do so little

is like the sun disappearing.


How can I chase away

so  much despondency, despair,

cloud  covering denial

that grows like human need,

lies dormant, then rises up,

turning into disaster

from some inner howling?


Meanwhile, those darn grackles

continue to flock

while I hear thunder,

see sleet and rain

that eclipses the day’s brightness.


The grackles congregate

in their reptilian way

and do nothing

except squawk.

~ by dianeklammer on March 5, 2013.

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