To the Thief who Stole my Cannon


“I want to live in your camera, take a picture of my heart with yours.”         

                                                                                                                Joseph Arthur-


How do you like that Rebel?

Remember that camera,

the thousand dollar picture

taker you came into my house

and stole, ripped off, lifted.


Do you get a high every

time you click the shutter

 at someone’s body or have it

pointing at yours?  Does it brighten

your recollection of the world


knowing there are images

of thieves like you posted

everywhere? You loser. I hope

you get cross eyed, carpal tunnel

syndrome and your face freezes


in one position forever.

I hope you see double, and

that unfortunate family who

poses and smiles in front

of a stolen camera grows mutinous


from congregating in one place

as fast as you aim. If by some less

than miracle you sold it

to someone else, I hope

you were caught and turned


in for this and all the other

felonious deeds you have done

and that you can only see the

outside world from behind bars

where grackles poop on rotten


apples.  I haven’t been able

to afford another camera,

but maybe that’s fortunate

because I would think of your

greedy heart with every shot.


~ by dianeklammer on March 4, 2013.

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