(for Roger)

Swim with me
through spring
on the crest of endless ocean.
Tumble with me
and the dolphins
into an ring of limitless light.
Watch the sunrise
pour in the colors
of day.
Dive into aqua and citrine
forged into a liquid sword
from a ship in a bottle.

Drink with me
passion’s murky blindness.
Cascade with me into
a waterfall
away from transitory tears
into fruition.

Forget the waves of goodbye.
Live with me for a million years.
Brave the depths below the horizon
where it is not shaky when you hold my hand.
What marvels we will see.
Meet me at the pinnacle,
the head of the roller coaster,
the blanc de blanc bubbles of hello.
Plunge into forever with me.
Sweet the breathing,
sweet the feat,
sweet the everlasting ride.

Cycle with me through summer
on a meandering trail.
Move with me in an infinite
circle of one.

I can hear your breathing.
Let us become one with the road.
Turn us into
a bicycle built for two.
Daisies never looked so good.

Stay on top
where you won’t get hurt.
Devoted one,
I’ll wear the helmet.
I’ll be the soldier,
to protect you.
Stay behind me.
Stay beside me.
Stay in front of me.
Just stay with me.

Run with me through autumn
free from ordinary concerns.
I have fallen so far
that I cannot climb out
of this turbulent racing season.
Hieroglyph forever footprints
in your running shoes
while you shout my name.

Chase me, gentle arrow.
Target a bulls-eye
right into my heart
as we kick up small dust storms
on piles of leaves.
Let running past each other
be our only farewells.
Be that hoarse wind that sweeps
through me as we gallop
over miles and miles of sand.
Let us win the victor’s cup.

Trample me but leave me standing.

~ by dianeklammer on March 1, 2013.

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