Defying Goliath


As a matter of survival
I believe in “live
and let live”
as much as possible
but have to admit
the order Diptera
or two winged
insects try my patience
to the max,
specifically the mosquitoes
who if they had
any sense at all
of humor or
true preservation
would quit
after being swatted
by a gargantuan giant
before trying to bite
two or three
more times
ending quite often
in mayhem
for somebody
and although I
can appreciate
at least in theory
the need to survive
eat and drink
(my blood)
in actuality
it’s quite annoying
to be punctured
poked injected
sucked and infected
until a welt
to itch and swell
and in rare
cases causes
West Nile Disease
or Malaria
not to mention
other buggy happenings
like being buzzed
persistently in the ear
with high pitched
moans of thin hunger
that can provoke
the calmest person
to run screaming
slapping and scratching
from the room
for cover
in a net
or under a blanket
after slathering the self
with poison
garlic and citronella
finally completely
giving up
the will
to preserve each
living creature
and just squash
the hell out of them.

~ by dianeklammer on March 1, 2013.

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