Chinese Zodiac

chinese zodiac

Small feisty
mammoth ivory animals

play along every day
with the stereo.

The horse chases
hot air balloons each morning.

The monkey writes love songs
to nonexistent chords.

The tiger appears to chase the horse
but sings Karaoke instead.

The dragon holds the whole zoo together
without realizing its strength.

The snake hides mystery stories
inside its skeleton.

The rat is a blue poet
disguised as a scientist.

The dog runs unleashed
on the cottonwood trail.

The rabbit hops anxiously about
singing songs about carrots.

The boar drones on and on about
dreams of publishing books.

The cock brags about nothing in particular.
It is usually wrong but rarely in doubt.

The ox appears very strong
despite owning only two letters.

The sheep follows world news
but remain uninformed nevertheless.

~ by dianeklammer on March 1, 2013.

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