A Thousand Ways

for NateAlpine forget me nots

Rumi said there are a thousand
ways to bow down
to the earth.

I can’t list a thousand,
but if I could name just
one It would be

to notice
small things
that matter. Outdoors

really look
At Alpine Forget Me Nots
for example. See

those tiny flowers.
Remember to keep
a sense of wonder

we can lose so soon.
After that
care more

about making sure
our big feet
don’t trample those.

We may have to
get a petition signed
to keep from forgetting them.

Then it may take an
act of congress
to protect

the park where they grow.
So on and on
we go with baby steps

until we really do
become part of the solution
to make a difference

on this planet
where we tread.

~ by dianeklammer on February 28, 2013.

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