Single in Boulder








this guy thinks he is just another
Romeo. Look at the way he preens in Whole Foods.
You can’t walk out for less
than one hundred bucks. Look
at the way he appears
to tantalize. He visits the gym
by riding his bicycle.
That lurching iron pumper radiates health.
There are more gyms than houses.
He lives in them all.
He won’t be content with just one
Juliet. It’s another tragedy.
The girls without rings
cry about how free
this guy wants to be.
How he can’t commit.
He wants nice flesh, needs physical
substance, envisions children
if he can take enough
take time out from happy trails.
A mountain man is always high
on someone but it’s a quick
rush. Then he rusticates
at a Buddhist retreat.
Don’t speak of him. Now
he’s disappeared into a meaningful
relationship with himself.

~ by dianeklammer on February 25, 2013.

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