To a God Undiscovered



for Steven Dunn



“Only the hidden god is the true god, for the god who can be known has already become an artifact of conscious culture, and is in the process of disappearing.”


James Hollis




Sometimes the earth moves quietly,

filling in sides of an embankment,

surrounding a hole, a darkening,

leaving little trace of what came before it.


Can a crisis of faith be quiet?

It is useless to shout from the mountaintops

when life underneath is too busy

with its own living to pay you any mind.


The blue columbines have no ears for comprehension

while the deer only hear whispers of Why?

coming from your lips as failed prayer.

And the faithful are too set in their ways to listen at all.


Yet, you the crier have discovered

the uselessness of gathering in the harvest

before knowing if the field has been tilled

or the seeds have been sown.


~ by dianeklammer on February 20, 2013.

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