Philosophical Objections to Chocolate

images.jpeg chocolate

Imagine a life devoid
of bowls of cherries cordial,
leaving empty containers
absent of big sugar
with no fruit liquor
buzz at all.

Is this some deep dark secret
kept under wraps?
Spill the beans.
One wouldn’t dream
these protests exist.

Taste buds yearn in vain
for the nutty truffle flavor,
yet this is no black and white issue.

Imagine being the one to fall
into a vat of melted chocolate,
struggling to swim
in hot viscous sludge,

barely being able to budge.
One would float for ages
before being rescued
by a dollop of cocoa butter.
What a milk dud!

That plunge would dampen
Any interest
In Hershey’s kisses
indefinitely-perhaps entirely.

“I’m trapped in a chocolate factory.
Do not send help.”
loses its pizzazz.

Some have chocolate allergies,
won’t waste salaries
on this luxury item,
break out in a rash
after love at first bite.

What a pity to pass up
the brownie pie,
the mousse,
the covered raisin almond.

What takes the cake
or leaves it
As the case may be,

Are those who plain
don’t like chocolate.
Maybe to them
it tastes like scorched brown bark,
food not fit for dogs.

It seems like an insult to the gods.
What would life be
without See’s,
that first bittersweet butter bite
of the best bar in town?

What would life be
without the molded bunny
on that rocky road?

That dose of tyrosine and caffeine,
Godiva to spice up sex,
sauce over Sundays?

Perhaps some clutch
self denial to them
like careful caution,
future security,

look ahead to the last dregs
In an empty cup,
desire to remain prudent.

So they cinch the belt in
avoid any hint of sin,
choose frugality
over life with frosting.

~ by dianeklammer on February 20, 2013.

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