Image“Every day turned cold and scary, so we came to February.”                  Dar Williams


Every time I search

for my lost keys

I think of you.


In my navy coat pocket,

at the bottom of my purse,

in a messy drawer,


hiding underneath the bed,

in a pile of papers on my table,

in the left pocket of my red shirt.


A place I would look

to retrieve something hidden

from my fuzzy memory


that I still need

to get through the day,

to get through life.


I find them eventually.

as I once found you.

One found song


elevated the rubble

of my ordinary life

into a sudden gift of fate.


Keys make their own music.

they offer the road, riches

safe refuge from cold.


Sometimes keys no longer fit,

but one time they were shiny,

if I am lucky enough to recall.


You have locked me out

of your life but I find you again

whenever I find lost keys.



~ by dianeklammer on February 20, 2013.

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