Messor_barbarus_princess    1a. Blood, blood, blue blood.

Annabelle was the eldest of nine, all girls except one. The girls worked very hard helping their mother with gathering plants, cooking and spinning. Being the eldest, she worked hardest of all.  Her brother was lazy about chores but hunted and would take her to the woods on rare occasions to fish while she walked.  Annabelle enjoyed observing wild plants and creatures, spending time overturning rocks, peering underneath to see insects and salamanders that might be lurking there.

One day while observing a colony of ants underneath the stone, Annabelle noticed a fairy dressed in scarlet with hair of flame and long wings of lace which extended past her knees.

“What is it that you wish?” asked the fairy.

“I want to be a princess who grows up to be a queen.”

The fairy searched Annabelle’s face for a long moment.  “Sometimes that which seems very large may in fact be very small.  Nevertheless this is an understandable wish for one who works as hard as you, so you shall have it. However, your wish will come with a great price.”

“I just want others to serve me for a change,” said Annabelle.

“So it is.”  The fairy was gone.

     2a. Cleopatra married an older brother to obtain the throne. She later killed her younger brother and sister to retain it; a game of checkers.

  1.  Shrinking earthquake.  Deepening red earth, sunset and integument.  The burden of Annabelle’s wings. legs everywhere; she feeds and cleans the brood. Dark stone turned by giant beast into silver glare.  Pearl eggs roll into holes by scurrying hieroglyphs of sisters.
  2.  Pushed this way and that back into darkness while inhaling loamy fumes.  Eats flesh brought by sisters; digging tunnels with desultory incoherence. Notices strong pheromones that drones tremble against static wings. Wants the nuptials; escapes the barrier caused by her sisters.

Drones.   Orgy.  Chemical.

Flight.                                                                                            Repeat

Ascend.                                                                                                                Descend.

Release                                                                                                                                     Earth

     3.  Hymenopteron fertilization complete; bites off wings or rubs them off.  Isolated wanderer; creates a colony out of her own substance.  Excavates small burrow under stone; closes the opening by self-mutilation. Swell into body fat; grows many thousand spermatozoa.

       3a. Princess Diana had gynecological exam before being permitted to marry Charles. Later they divorced.  After that she died in a car crash; a game of chance.

Won’t eat.  Lays eggs. Nurses larvae.  Salivary secretions. Body fat.  Wing muscles. Ten months.

Annabelle’s offspring dig out reestablishing communication with the outside world. She in turn, becomes sensitive to light and remains subterranean. Royal, indolent, she loses interest in all work and must lay countless eggs until her


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