Love Unreturned

Good poets are prohibited from writing
about unrequited love: Yuck.

So I will not bother to mention
the greatest sun-stained sky ever
and how it could not return my affection

although I was wearing my brightest burgundy shirt
just in case.

Likewise I cannot mention the first gray whales
I ever saw. How dare they
seem so indifferent to my presence.

Or my first horned lizard
who simply wanted to run away.
Yes, I was young and did not know the rules
about not kissing reptiles,
but still … love is love … after all.

Then there was the whole infatuation
with Pablo Neruda who died when I was a kid
and the time I fell for Jim Morrison
who died too young.

And who can forget Lassie? I loved her so much,
and she didn’t know I existed, the bitch … all ten thousand of her.

And Joey from kindergarten
and that hunk of a trainer Whatshisname,
etc. etc.
but my word is …….


~ by dianeklammer on February 19, 2013.

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