White Pelicans at St Vrain

White Pelicans at St. Vrain


(for Roger )


You’ve always loved pelicans,

especially when they paint

the sky with snow cloud radiance.


Sixteen feather duster fliers

graced our space last evening,

gliding overhead to land on the lake.


We stood in awe

at such good fortune

brightening up the darkening twilight.


An artful assembly

of cotton ships carrying white letters

appeared to float unruffled.


Pelicans hold gift messages

in their bills.

Nature’s postmen bring us peace.


Eight pillows fluffed on a log.

preening in front of  the lake’s reflections

close to shore before bedtime.


Magic moon navigators

master three territories

of cloud, land and aquatic foam.


You call them nature’s cruisers.

An aerospace engineer appreciates

aerodynamic utility.


Your dazzling smile

competes with their beauty.

It lifts my heart to see you so happy.


~ by dianeklammer on February 18, 2013.

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