War on Dirt

Dam Paintings 338Image

Here we go again,

armed with heavy weaponry:

dishcloths and mops

brooms and vacuums.

Because the ants go marching one by one,

and the sugar spills,

mixes up with

dog kibble, cat nips,

and  mousetrap cheese.

Make a pledge

lest the dust multiplies

into exponential numbers

like rabbit gametes,

while a poor shivering cockroach

emits a pitiful wheeze

in the roach motel.

It’s a jungle out there:

a war zone where bubbles explode

in any country

where chemical weapons are permitted.

What power do you have today,

Mr. Clean?

Thousands do the scrubbing dance

following your directions from the can.

The soap opera army

marches to the routine

every day

in uniform,

in plain clothes,

in pajamas

in the nude

using laundry detergent

killing that dirt

until some object cuts off

the water supply

and the drain backs up

from stuck up longhairs

who don’t know when to quit singing in the shower.

If only world peace could be achieved

by the endless war on dirt.

~ by dianeklammer on February 18, 2013.

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