Shooting the Moon

“To confront a person with their own shadow is to show them their own light… One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”

Carl Jung


What happens when

Somebody shoots the moon,

wins by losing?

The queen of spades

knows earthlings

have the hands to ruin.

A blinding explosion shatters.

Too much light.

Night would be a comfort

but  survivors cannot find it

as they slouch on their knees,

sifting through moments ago.

The moon breaks.

Snow lies on the ground

like a silent shroud,

 burns with fire and ice.

A white carpeted room hides

a celestial veil ragged and torn

on the edge.

A bride staggers dragging her train

as she stares into the white hair

of doom.

Paper dolls shred into tatters,

are thrown to the wind

where billowing smoke

mingles with clouds

in a last orgiastic gasp.

  Tears fall into the snow

and freeze into

a millennium of diamonds.

Hearts slice into shards.

Jet streams intersect

to tie the ends together in a lace

avalanche that mixes with the mist.

The huntress surveys the wreckage

with two albino coyotes in tow.

She put her clubs and arrows away,

shakes her head at the bones and ghosts

across a final nuclear winter.



End and the

ghosts lace movements

night hides carpeted bride tatters

dolls mist shatters nuclear moon earthlings

a huntress knows

clouds happen winter

coyote shards slice heart cards

moon jets intersect queen breaks together

snow gasp

 white shroud millennium mixes blinding

 paper survivors slice spades albino scattered streams ruin

 gasping diamonds burn wind veil

when an avalanche streams

someone lies on

comfort arrows

what survivors win?

Light cards scattered against bone

 torn knees thrown against orgiastic staggers

 shred ground into smoke losing


wsa  aya noms toomw lowis y?n

ee he qnspald sluish sese friba ut

capa br to ne bdnes osom to ut led


obdar noen come

las haclay

isa crd ina tie

wrd los ina lobo

way cluboyess

str e a m m






~ by dianeklammer on February 18, 2013.

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