Solstice Institute

Sometimes                                 music weaves

through your bloodstream

and turns                                    into a dance

of  a lifetime

for a lifetime,

a dance                                        for your very life.

Sometimes dance is like that,

a desperate plea from the                            feet

to the hands

which bend, leap,                                  kick, and slide.

Your insides resonate                       to a single instrument,

hold on to it for the length of a song.

Your whole body falls away,

falls on it’s knees,  begs for survival,

begs for                                                        release.

Sometimes the room is                             just a container,

a vast ragged rug lined place

for you to occupy space.

No more,

No less,

just a living room.

Sometimes other faces are                                just a blur,

one reason’s reminder.

You weave                                                        in and out

on your own.

On your own feet.

With your own energy.

with some mysterious life force                     that propels human

in the middle of your greatest dream,

in the middle of your worst nightmare,

still and not still,

whole and not whole.

Of soul and not                                                   soul,

yet in some mysterious way

completes you.


~ by dianeklammer on February 18, 2013.

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