Illuminating Darwin and Lincoln




When time shatters         

                                                                   in an instant

mirror of violence  reflected

bit  by  bit  by bit

by an ant                                                              walking along

the  broken edge of a shard.  Skilled tightrope acrobat

avoiding                                                  divisive man,

light                                                                       blinding   

                            superior man,

“man is not an animal” man

man who demands                                                      dominion.

Man who  flogs the horse,

allows the cow to freeze                                       in silver death fields

shoots the steer in the head.


Darwin reflected: “Men are animals”




                        Man irradiates the monkey

dissects the cat

bombs the wolf


Some men treat other men brutally,                        worse than any animal,

           enslave them,

                   flog them,       torture them,

           allow them to die                                        in the heat of a field,

burn them to death.


Lincoln reflected:  “Men are not to be treated  as animals”   


~ by dianeklammer on February 16, 2013.

One Response to “Illuminating Darwin and Lincoln”

  1. Lincoln and Darwin were both born February 12. I’m off by a few days.

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