Calder’s Eagle


Seattle, Washington

(for Aaron)

Is this a cat, tail straight up

with its head


that greets us in the sculpture

garden downtown Seattle?

Or a brick colored elephant

made of a metal

that became a starfish

covered by rain?

 No, it’s an eagle, stupid.

Just see the signs.

In burnishing motion

strange trajectories

make one want to fly.

Who would have guessed?

Can you take off on

that monumental red crane?

No, it’s an eagle, stupid.

It’s a grounded bird

surrounded by brick metal chairs

in case  anyone gets tired

of the bull

written by plaques and poets,

wants to sit

to watch the clouds for awhile.

Camel weasel whale was  Hamlet’s take

on situations like these.

Wonder about Noah.

Looking back,

the statue metamorphosed.

It’s a Monarch butterfly.

No, it’s an eagle, stupid.

~ by dianeklammer on February 16, 2013.

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