Beauty Contest

IMG_0481Diane Klammer

No one remembers how this ritual started.

The judges just loved red that year.

The Cardinal spoke.

Other colors were just as dazzling

as if they flew off the rainbow.

No matter.

Red was July Fourth, and the judges went wild when

they saw red.

The crowd roared rubies by the hundreds.

It was the crimson poppy

lipstick blush angel face

crowning a scarlet ribbon body swath.

Too much burgundy makes a viewer faint.

In any case, red found her finest hour,

won with little blood rush embarrassment.

Blue bowed out singing royally.

Lusty purple sighed plum tired.

Yellow drove gold lines back home.

Green left peaceful grass fields blowing.

Orange faded into a distant sunset.

These gems dissipated giving up the tiara.

Red triumphed carpet gliding,

clutching gardens of roses,

sobbing with relief.

Do not lose sight of the kaleidoscope.

Too much beauty can cloud the brain.

ImageCatherine Hewins

~ by dianeklammer on February 16, 2013.

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