Valentine’s Day Paradox


What craziness is this?

A day designated for love?


How silly.  What a contradiction

of chance.  Cupid shoots

unexpectedly, causing

below the belt circumstances.


So who are these

star-struck idiots

eating expensive meals,

exchanging hearts and flowers?


Help! I’m surrounded by

addicts of romance?


Who are these one night bystanders

lining up for

condoms and lollipops


(Eat chocolate now.

Avoid pregnancy later.)


waiting to drop their pants?


Are these serial monogamists?

Or are they those rarities

plagued by love permanent

with a mate for life commitment

that gets worse for wear in the dance.


Don’t ask me.

This poem drones on and on.

It was written on a paper

tablecloth at Jax Fishhouse

It’s smeared with food and chocolate.


It’s not worthy of a hallmark card.

It’s good only for the ants


~ by dianeklammer on February 15, 2013.

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