Fishhouse: Let Hands Flip as Lips Flap.

Fractured Sonnet:





Living fishes flapping on a pole.

Towels flapping on the kitchen door.

Headless fishes flapping in a bowl.

Flipping hands work, finishing the chore.


Head chef”s flapping palms are getting sore.

Pans are flapping: fishes finish cooking.

Someone’s dinner’s flapping on the  floor.

Flipped back on his plate when no one’s looking.


Dresses flapping as the girls walk in.

Suitcoats flipping onto chairs. Such fun.

Tongues are flapping, smacking,  making din.

Lips keep flapping until dinner’s done.


Bills start flipping.  Someone says “Bad year.”

Wallets flapping.  “Let’s get out of here.”


~ by dianeklammer on February 14, 2013.

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