To Own a Bird

Alaska and Reunion camera 372

“To Own a Bird,  you must live content in a house of light.”

(For Audrey)

She lives in a house of windows,

a house of light.

Jay tapped six times

on her sliding patio door

with a pointed black beak

beneath an indigo crest.


A black necklace

adorned intelligent black eyes

above Jay’s velvet

feather belly.

Jay flapped brilliant blue wings,

fanning them rapidly at his side,


begging like a child

in an out-sized denim shirt.

She’d forgotten to fill the feeder again.

Outside, she held out peanuts

in the shell which Jay took

from her open hand.


Today the birds are restless.

Flickers, goldfinches

orioles and doves

swoop down, rapidly feeding.

They hear the wind in the pines,

sense a thunderstorm brewing


above the locust trees.

To own a bird,

you must live content

in your house of light,

fully visible to those

free-flying by.


A pair of Jays

migrated away,

then returned again

to her world that shrinks

as she becomes older.

More are coming back.


She waits for them.

She rarely flies anymore,

hates seeing birds in cages.

Jays have taught her

to give them peanuts

since she was a wilder-child,


with brown hair streaming,

dancing barefoot among the birds

in ageless unfettered rhythm.

~ by dianeklammer on February 8, 2013.

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