mama don’t let your kids ride bikes in Boulder until they know how

bicycle riders

  Boulder is a deceptively difficult place for its size to drive a car or a bike.  There is a lot of traffic, buses, pedestrians, one way streets, j-walkers, bicyclists and just general confusion on the street.  Everyone needs to be especially careful.  To add to the confusion, there are a lot of tourists and new drivers among college students and youth, neither who are experienced drivers.  I’m not pointing fingers, just stating facts.  Yet every day I see drivers, and especially bicyclists break driving rule by running red lights, riding in the middle of the street for extended periods of time and driving three or more astride.

I know it’s not easy to be the “middle guy on a bike” and I have done my share of biking.  But since human life is precious and one is especially vulnerable on a bike, I’m asking for the following.

1.  Be familiar with the rules of the road.  Pick up a driving manual and/or bicycle safety manual and become familiar with it.

2.  Try not to ride astride on busy roads, even though it is legal.  On highway36, for example, if a driver is going to avoid a head-on collision with a car, chances are they will drive in your direction.  Many roads don’t have much room for one bike, never mind two.

3.  Don’t run red lights.

4.  If there is a car behind you, ride to the side.  Don’t take advantage of the driver’s good nature.  I have never honked at a bike rider because I know how scary it is.  Use common sense and curtsey.

5. Wear a helmet.

6. Don’t dart out in front of cars even though you have the right of way.  You don’t want to be dead right.

7. Slow down by parks where children are playing.

8. Take care when riding through tunnels, especially around curves.  People and pets may be walking in there.

9.  Remember to be polite and careful around pedestrians.  They have the right of way too. It may be better to go slow than to dart up and yell “on your left.”  They may be scared and get right in front of you.

10.  Use and enjoy bicycle paths and parks.

11.  Ride in groups with an experienced leader from time to time and before riding in traffic.

Finally, enjoy this beautiful city, remember that we’re all in this together and have fun.


~ by dianeklammer on February 1, 2013.

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